vineri, 26 februarie 2010


I often close my eyesAnd I can see you smileYou reach out for my hand And I'm woken from my dream Although your heart is mine Its hollow inside I never had your loveAnd I never will And every nightI lie awake Thinking maybe you love me Like I've always loved you But how can you love meLike I loved you whenYou can't even look me straight in my eyes I've never felt this wayTo be so in loveTo have someone thereYet feel so aloneAren't you supposed to beThe one to wipe my tearsThe on to say that you would never leaveThe waters calm and stillMy reflection is thereI see you holding meBut then you disappearAll that is left of youIs a memoryOn that only, exists in my dreamsI don't know what hurts youBut I can feel it tooAnd it just hurts so muchTo know that I can't do a thingAnd deep down in my heartSomehow I just knowThat no matter whatI'll always love youSo why am I still here in the rain

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